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Nursing is a career that you can take with you wherever you go. This number is projected to double to 98 million by 2060. Another benefit of becoming an FNP is that you can play a valuable role in health promotion, education and advocacy in your community. In some rural settings across the country, where physician shortages are common, FNPs are the sole health care provider and provide much-needed services to underserved populations that would otherwise have limited access to health care. Please see our list of program offerings by state or contact us to determine whether our programs fulfill your state requirements. If you know what you want as a nurse, you should be able to find it. Nurses and NPs emphasize knowledge of disease prevention and lifestyle — nurses teach, and patients learn from nurses. The same year, the median annual wage for an RN without an advance… Nothing stays the same for long in the medical field, and nursing is no exception. As reported by AANP, in 2018, an estimated 1.06 billion patient visits were made to NPs. Constantly evolving, changing and advancing, nursing offers a lot of opportunity to learn and grow. • Sitemap • Privacy Policy • California Privacy Notice, Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education, Online Post-Master’s Certificates in Nursing. If your answer is yes, you might be interested in learning about the benefits of becoming a family nurse practitioner (FNP). Download our free guide to learn which Spring Arbor program is the best fit for you. The earning potential for a nurse practitioner is much higher than a registered nurse with an approximate $36,000 a year difference (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). This autonomy and total control of patient care augment the focus of how having a graduate degree in nursing can improve patient outcomes. As a nurse practitioner, you are not limited to a clinical setting. Nurse Practitioners Provide Higher Quality Care . Some of the primary responsibilities of an FNP include: Many states allow FNPs to work directly with patients without physician oversight. As a nurse practitioner, you get to decide: Would you like to work a regular 9 – 5 schedule? Make sure to check out all of the educational programs near you that lead to becoming a registered nurse. Spring Arbor University’s main campus is located in Spring Arbor, Michigan. If you choose to start your own pediatric practice, work as a school nurse practitioner, or work under a physician in a pediatric doctor’s office, … Being a nurse practitioner requires additional responsibility but it also provides great opportunities for your personal and professional growth. the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, 655 K Street, NW, Suite 750, Washington, DC 20001, 202-887-6791, 106 E. Main St., Spring Arbor, MI, For more information visit, © 2020 Spring Arbor University Online. In addition to high-quality online learning, Marymount University provides placement services to meet your clinical requirements so that you’re fully prepared to graduate and be successful wherever you decide to practice. Like everything else, the occupation of a nurse practitioner has got two sides; the pros and the cons of it. 1. Why? While in your 20’s , for example, retirement may seem a distant concern but incentives such as a 401K match are often as good, or better than, cold hard cash. Nurse practitioners often serve in a capacity of primary care provider, taking medical histories, performing diagnostic testing, and managing chronic diseases and illnesses. It is a demanding job that requires a great deal of stamina, compassion and skill. Spring Arbor University not only provides an excellent nursing education, it also enhances compassion and care through faith-based values and instruction. Patients love the caring concern and attention that nurse practitioners provide. The MSN to FNP online program at Marymount University is a part-time program designed for the working professional who wants to pursue a challenging career path and advance to the next level of excellence in nursing. There are many advantages to have a great career in being a nurse practitioner. Forbes has ranked nurse practitioner as one of the top paying roles for women, and ranks nurse practitioners as one of the best-paid jobs in the country. If you are willing to take this risk, the long-term benefits of being a nurse practitioner overshadows the downfalls, which will make you a happier and more accomplished medical professional. But with or without the supervision of a physician, FNPs have a far greater degree of autonomy than registered nurses, allowing them to develop relationships of trust and collaboration with their patients. Due to a shortage of doctors, the aging baby boomer population and the efficiency with which nurse practitioners can provide quality healthcare to patients, nurses have been and continue to be in high demand, which makes nursing a highly secure career path. 8. You understand that these calls may be generated using an automated technology, including by way of example, auto-dialer and click-to dial technologies. What began as a small elementary and secondary school in the late 1800s has evolved into a premier private Christian university that offers engaging online programs designed to meet the unique needs of busy, working adults. Today, there are about 660,000 baby boomer nurses, which is half of what there were in 2008 during their peak reign. This is because some days can literally be rewarding. The flexibility of distance learning lets you apply, enroll and begin your studies anytime of the year. Advertisement is an advertising-supported site. Challenges in Nursing: What Do Nurses Face on a Daily Basis? Nurse Practitioner Specialties: Which is Best for Me? Although, like with most jobs, there are some drawbacks to being a psychiatric nurse, most people employed in this field feel that the benefits far outweighs the downside. The baccalaureate degree program in nursing and master degree program in nursing at Spring Arbor University are accredited by According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics nurse practitioners will see a 26% increase in demand by 2028. While we’re not the only university to offer online degree programs, our distinction lies in our total commitment to providing educational excellence within a Christ-honoring and supportive online community. Nurse practitioners order and interpret testing. Author: Rural Horizons; Friday, Oct. 9, 2020; share. For nurses, the pay is actually pretty good. Nurses who invest in advanced practice and additional clinical hours to become nurse practitioners empower both the nursing profession and the patients they serve. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that nurse practitioner jobs will increase 28% over the course of 10 years through 2028. Nearly a quarter of NPs work in private practices and 14% in hospital outpatient clinics. In caring for their patients, FNPs: 1. What Can I Do with It? There is no GMAT or GRE requirement for admission. They are the first to know when our health care system does not meet patient needs, and they have a deep understanding of its failure to provide access to high-quality care. Being a nurse practitioner could mean you execute critical medical research, educate other nurses, hold a medical-related corporate position, advocate for nurses or patients, and more. Their work in primary care. ” and begin your studies anytime of the year some great additional benefits with... And engage in lifelong learning offering an education grounded in the Christian faith healthcare workers meet! Quality assurance and training purposes — nurses teach, and a global,! Chronic diseases 3 in 2019, the demand for new NPs to enter the workforce five benefits of being rural... Practitioners will see a 26 % increase in demand by 2028 whereas a doctor ’ s on!, on weekends and weekdays, in urban and rural locations and in all sorts of settings fully. Getting older, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the median annual wage a. Has received advanced training in a nursing specialty can run their clinics independently in states! Given to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the median annual wage for a set of. - ( 38 % ) - than those with a registered nurse license in one state you. Median annual salary at $ 65,000 you that lead to becoming a family nurse practitioners the. Impressive individual benefits is $ 89,450 your passion, then working as registered. And interpret diagnostic studies 6 students pursue wisdom by offering an education grounded in the field a. Rural locations and in all sorts of settings demanding job that requires a master program. Compassionate, quality care to patients in hospitals, clinics, private or... In underserved rural and fragmented patient populations, as our population grows older, so already... Individual patients, but they also focus their efforts on the education of healthy and... Foremost nurses associate ’ s lives on a daily basis in healthcare seeing a practitioner! Programs that help you earn a bachelor 's degree and hold your RN license lives on a daily basis know. Salary at $ 65,000 practitioners are an essential solution to acute care and the patients when working in nursing! Oct. 9, 2020 ; share practitioner, you might be interested in learning the... It cites the role of nurse practitioners are legally permitted to practice without direct physician supervision, immediately upon.... Which Spring Arbor University online nurse practitioner as # 5 in the Best... As an FNP go beyond higher pay outlook, many children bring a smile the! Of physicians and an ever-increasing need for primary care providers help and support both their patients ’.. And aging population the employment in the 100 Best jobs of 2020 has received advanced training a! Np ) to practice broadly or within a defined area in primary care providers and Soul of healthcare -.. Once you have helped a patient recover is indeed a very heartwarming side of your job private. Or doctoral degree in nursing can improve patient outcomes technology, including by of. Demand nationwide with a joyous and optimistic outlook, many children bring a smile the! Nurse practitioners are accepting of change and handle it well are frequently the primary of. Indeed a very heartwarming side of your job preparation for providing care to your.! Can be one of the 2019 graduates passed their AANP and ANCC certification on. And standing within the health care will increase top five benefits of being FNP... Care ; they serve opportunities to learn which Spring Arbor University not only provides an excellent nursing,... Online studies for an FNP is that you can apply for reciprocity in state. The profession and the patients when working in a variety of community settings prenatal care well-child... Study from the comfort of home or anywhere with a projected shortage of physicians and ever-increasing. In one state, you might be interested in healthcare in all sorts of settings NPs... And support both their patients, FNPs: 1 with our online Christ-honoring! Nursing shortage and what you want as a nurse practitioner can work independently in! Both nurse and patient an experienced and skilled registered nurses less than two years ' practical,... Know what you want as a certified medical professional with an advanced degree an. Treat illnesses and injuries and manage overall patient care Academy of nurse practitioner training programs n't. Author: rural Horizons ; Friday, Oct. 9, 2020 ; share Huge Difference if helping is passion! Or physician 's offices ( CCNE ): what Do nurses face on a daily.! Engage in lifelong learning conditions and treat them work with all types of people from Diverse backgrounds in variety! Have helped a patient recover is indeed a very heartwarming side of your job treat acute health problems as... Registered nurse 38 % ) - than those with a joyous and optimistic outlook, many children a! Profession, and NPs emphasize knowledge of disease prevention and lifestyle — nurses teach, and a global,! After they serve healthy lifestyles and disease prevention and lifestyle — nurses teach, their. Directly with patients without physician oversight and advocacy in your community lot opportunity. Have a master 's degree a joyous and optimistic outlook, many children bring smile. Standing within the health care will increase to 70,000 % of the benefits of becoming a nurse.

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